Everybody has stories to tell, and people who want to hear them.  While you may see your own life as  “too ordinary”  to record, your children, grandchildren, friends and community members are sure to see things differently. Your unique perspective on your varied experiences provide a window to who you are, and will be cherished for generations to come.


Your life stories can be presented any number of ways.  Below are a few options to consider, but don’t hesitate to contact us if what you have in mind is not listed.

    • Photo Book.  A modern take on the classic photo book, displaying your favorite photos in a bound book.
    • Life Stories Book.  A collection of whatever stories you wish to tell, produced in the format of your choice.
    • Theme Book.  Does your family lore revolve around food?  Travel?  Pets? Historical events?  Ink & Images will collect these stories and produce a book around a particular theme (or series of themes), with or without photographs.  
    • Family History Books.  A record of what you and other family members know about your collective history.  We can add your newspaper clippings, photos, birth certificates, and other documents if you wish.  
    • Legacy Book Series.  Legacy Books are designed to capture life as it happens. Often, they are created to mark times of transition, such as births, graduations, weddings, career changes, or retirement. But they can be made to catch “ordinary” times as well — the stuff that makes up the bulk of our lives.
    • Time Capsules.  For this long-term project, Ink & Images will interview your child or grandchild once a year for the number of years agreed to at the outset.  A copy of each installment will be provided to the contract holder. When the project is complete,  we will collate the annual interviews into a book, with a photo for each year, provided by customer.  The book will be presented to the child, parents, grandparents, or other recipient(s) as agreed to in the original contract. 


Most products are available in either digital or print formats:

  • Digital media options include CD, thumb drive, or cloud-based storage.  
  • Print formats range from paperback to hardcover, with a variety of binding styles and materials available.

Prices and Billing

Before beginning, we’ll discuss what you envision producing, what would be involved in creating that, how much it will likely cost.  Costs estimates are just that — estimates. Often people find they have more to say than they’d thought, so more time is needed for interviewing, and transcribing, editing, and so on. We will keep track of hours as we go along and will let you know when we’re getting close to the estimated number of hours for each part of the project.


Your stories are your own.  Ink and Images will never share any information with anyone that you have not expressly authorized (i.e. family and friends involved in the project).  

We may occasionally request permission to use excerpts from your stories, and/or to produce a second copy of your product to use as a sample for future clients.  Your decision to grant or refuse such requests will be honored completely and without question.

Ready to get started?  Contact Ink & Images now to set up an appointment!