Many people feel their photographs are among their most treasured possessions, and for good reason. Photos capture life’s moments that can never return again, reminding us of people, places, and times gone by.  They also help us convey our stories to others.

But if your photos are stuffed in boxes in the closet, or your memories are captured on slides or other formats that you have no means to view, you’re probably not getting the joy from them that you could be.  Ink & Images can help by making them accessible again, converting them to formats you can use and organizing them so you can find and share what you want.

    • Scanning (Digitizing) services.  Printed photographs fade, and are difficult to share.  Few people have the equipment for viewing slides anymore.  Fortunately, photographs, slides, and even negatives can be scanned and stored in digital form, to be stored and viewed in a variety of media.  
    • Photo organizing.  Digital photos can easily become overwhelming as well, though.  Ink & Images can help organize your pictures, labeling them so that you can sort them by date, subject, or other criteria.  We can also create digital albums as well as slideshows that can be displayed on a computer screen, phone, or digital photo frame.
    • Annotated Albums.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes your words (stories) about a picture provide the context and perspective that give it meaning.  At Ink & Images, we will listen as you tell about your selected photographs, then write your stories using your words. We offer  a variety of digital and print formats.
    • Archives and Back Ups.  Things happen.  Photos and negatives stored without careful thought are vulnerable to fading, mildew, warping, and more.  Digital photos are always at risk of device failure as well as technology obsolescence.  Fortunately, there are products for safe storage, and ways to safeguard against digital photos issues.  Ink & Images can help you establish safe archival and back-up protocols for your photo collection.

Ready to get those boxes out of your closet and bring your photographs back to life? Contact Ink & Images now to set up an appointment!