Legacy Books are designed to capture life as it happens.  Often, they are created to mark times of transition, such as births, graduations, weddings, career changes, or retirement.  But they can be made to catch “ordinary” times as well — the stuff that makes up the bulk of our lives.  

Legacy Birth Books. 

At some point in our lives, most of us wonder what life was like at the time of our birth.  Newspapers and history books can tell us what was going on in the world at the time, but often what we really want to know is more personal than that.  What were our parents’ hopes and fears? What did they dream for us? How did they see the world, and how did that influence their interactions with us?

With a Legacy Birth Book, you can provide a record of that special time for your new baby.  We’ll provide prompts to help you and others in your family write reflective messages to your child — or, if you prefer, we can record your thoughts and put them into writing for you.  You can invite your baby’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and others to contribute. We’ll help edit for clarity and flow, then format the text to incorporate photos you wish to include.  The final result will be a beautiful book of words and images that tell the story of the world your baby will be born into — a truly priceless gift for that child that will be treasured for life.

Legacy Year Books

These books aim to capture a period of the subject’s life — whether it’s a calendar year, a school year, or a year starting and ending with the person’s birthday, or some other segment of time.  As with all the Legacy books, we offer prompts to help you record your thoughts and perspectives, and will help with the writing and editing as much as you like. (And again, as with all Legacy Books, we can record your thoughts and do the writing for you, if you prefer.)

Legacy Transition Books

Whether you are celebrating a graduation, wedding, career change, retirement, or some other milestone of your own or a loved one, a Legacy Book is a wonderful way to mark that point in time.  By recording your thoughts as you make decisions that alter the course of your life, you’ll be providing answers for your future self as well as your offspring and others interested in what has motivated, influenced, and inspired you.  You’ll also give yourself the gift of greater clarity and self-awareness as you make these transitions, and the book itself will be a touchstone to remind you of your own motivations when times get tough. (And transitions nearly always include some tough times.)

There’s no limit to what a Legacy Transition Book can contain.  Suggestions include reflections on what you’re moving from and what you’re moving toward, and your motivations for making this change; your goals, hopes, and expectations for the future; photographs of people, pets, places, and things currently important in your life.