If you find yourself asking, What’s next?  stories can help you figure out your answer.  Whether you are leaving school or a job, contemplating marriage or parenthood, facing life without a loved one, moving to a new place, or experiencing any other sort of transition, you may be wondering who you will be in this new situation or how you will become the person you envision.  Ink & Images can help by prompting you to tell your story in different ways, highlighting relevant parts of your experience, convictions, and capabilities that you may have overlooked until now. Focusing on your stories can help you make sense of where you’ve been, and gain clarity about moving forward.  Note:  Ink & Images will not advise you what to do or not do!  Our role is to prompt, listen, and transcribe what you say, so that you can read your own words and discover the wisdom contained in your own experience.


We acknowledge that not all stories are fondly remembered.  Sometimes, our experiences cause pain, grief, or anger which we lock inside, often for the sake of coping.  Sometimes these untold stories become stumbling blocks or festering sores. If you are ready to unlock these emotions by telling such stories, contact us to arrange a listening session.   Note: Ink & Images does not offer therapy, counseling, or legal advice — only respectful, non-judgmental, confidential listening.  

Freelance Writing & Editing

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