There are countless ways to tell the stories of your life. Most families hand down some degree of family lore orally, whether it’s simple fact that Aunt Judith was the first one in the family to go to college, or a more complete tale of how that opportunity came to be and what the experience was like for her.  But putting stories in writing, and combining them with photos when available, is a way to create a timeless account of your experiences and the wisdom you gained along the way. LifeStory Books are sure to be treasured by family and friends for generations to come.

LifeStory Books can range from relatively small projects (telling a story of a particular time, event, or theme in one’s life) to long-term undertakings (chronicling an entire lifetime of experiences).  They can be organized around life stages (childhood, young adult, marriage/family, retirement), themes (hobbies, travels, personal values, family, major accomplishments, careers, etc.), or combinations of the two.

Just as every life is unique, so too is every LifeStory Book.  The standard process begins with a consultation where we discover what your aims are and how we can best work together.  Next would likely be an interview or series of interviews where you tell your stories while we listen, record, and ask questions.  We’ll work from the transcripts to polish a written version, consulting with you along the way. When you’re satisfied with the text, we’ll add photos and other documents if you wish, then send it off to the publisher.

Some people prefer to write a first draft themselves, instead of starting with an interview.  We are happy to act as your editor, coach, creative director, consultant, writer, and/or publisher, depending on how you’d like the process to go.