Where did your parents and grandparents come from?  What were their lives like? How did historical and cultural circumstances influence the choices they made and the direction their lives took?  Chances are you’ve wondered about questions like these, and, chances are that someone has wondered similar questions about you — or will someday. 

Family History books are records of what you and other family members know about your collective history.  They can include genealogical information, historical notes, newspaper clippings, photographs, birth certificates, maps, and any other documents you wish.  

For some people, researching and compiling family histories is an interesting and enjoyable hobby, while for others it’s a dreaded chore.  Most people probably fall somewhere in between — valuing the process and the product, yet perhaps never getting around to making it top priority.  Wherever your time and talents lie, Ink & Images can help you get precious family lore into a format that can be shared and cherished by many generations.  We can act as coaches, helping you organize your information, brainstorming ways around obstacles, and generally helping you stay motivated to finish the project.  We can also help with editing, layout, and publishing. Or, if you prefer, we can take on the project for you and hand you a finished product at the end (with plenty of input and information from you and/or other family members along the way). 

To determine your goals and figure out the best way for us to work together, we begin the process with an in-person Discovery Session.  From there, we’ll estimate the scope of work to be done and provide you with a cost estimate and projected timeline.